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Volume 5, Number 1

(A Modern Screen Fan Club Ass'n. Member)



(Song: The Red Silk Stockings and the Green Perfume performed by Ken Curtis and the Novelty Aces, courtesy of OJ Sikes)




New York [Thrill] Circus

Philadelphia Rodeo

St. Louis Rodeo





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Hi, Gang,

    I am sorry that this issue of the paper is so late but as some of you know, I have been with the boys to quite a few places and I also had some trouble with the printers.

    As you all know, the boys were in New York from June 15th to June 22nd. They opened at the Polo Grounds on Sunday. And by the warm welcome they got from everyone in every city they went to, it looks like another successful tour for the Sons of the Pioneers.

    In New York they had very nice weather; if it did rain, it would stop before the show went on. Twice they appeared at the Damon Runyon Memorial House here in New York to entertain and help fight American's worst enemy, Cancer. They were also quests on Rosalie Allen's program where they did quite a bit of talking and she played most of their records including their album. While they were here, they made two new records, one of which is "You'll Never Miss the Water Till the Well Runs Dry" with Bob and Hugh taking the lead. On the other side is "Will There be Sagebrush in Heaven" with Lloyd doing the solo.

    After leaving Pittsburg on the 19th, the Pioneers headed for Frontier Park in Cheyenne, Wyoming where they were invited by the Mayor to appear with Bill Elliott in the Frontier Days. They also appeared with Bill Elliott at the Lincoln and Paramount Theatres for the premiere of "Wyoming" in which Bill is the star. At the part, the Sons put on a twenty minute show in front of the grandstands.

    They headed back for the coast to get started on their new picture "The Gay Ranchero" before they head east again for their Rodeo which started in Philadelphia Sept. 3rd. Our club got 300 points in the Trophy Cup Contest. Let's keep up the good work. Until its roundup time again keep writing. Adios, Julia



    The Pioneers, with Roy Rogers, appeared in person in Cincinnati July 7th to 12th. I had two chances to see the Pioneers. First when they made a personal appearance at one of our department stores and then at the regular show which was held in our baseball park. I attended the Saturday matinee.

    Roy introduced the boys with a remark to all the girls not to let their hearts get in a flutter as all the Pioneers were married at which the girls in the audience, including me, sighed. The Pioneers were a colorful bunch in bright cowboy outfits. They sang Tumblin Tumbleweeds and Cool Water. Then Roy joined them to sing In My Adobe Hacienda and Dust. They finished up with Roy calling a square dance and seeing whether he could call faster than the boys could play.

    After the Pioneers finished, I went out back of the grandstand to see if I could meet them. I introduced myself and had a nice chat with Bob, Pat, Tim and Hugh; and also met Carl and Lloyd. They were all wonderful about posing for snapshots and I got some good ones - an especially good one of Bob Nolan.

    Incidentally, if any of you don't have a record of "You Don't Know What Lonesome Is" with Bob on the lead vocal, don't miss getting it! I think it's their best since Cool Water and have nearly worn out my first copy playing it.

    I've promised myself to write one fan letter each week to Republic Studios asking them to give the Pioneers bigger parts as a sort of Thank You to them for being so swell to me.

    Well, I haven't run out of praise but the Journal might run out of paper if I don't say so long for now.


Sylvia Juillerat, 4555 Smith Rd, Cincinnati 12, Ohio.



    The New York Giants stepped out for eight days to let the Roy Rogers Thrill Circus take over the Polo Grounds. The Pioneers and Roy were in this fair city of ours from June 15-22.

    Opening day was sold out for both evening and afternoon. It's a terrific show. You really do get a thrill out if it because it's not like a regular Circus. The first thrill I got out of it was when Roy came out and greeted the crowd and then said, "I would like to introduce a fine group of singers who have been my friends and co-workers for the past 14 years. Ladies and gentlemen, it's Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers. The boys came running out in their bright western outfits. Of course, Pat had some trouble running out with that bass fiddle of his. They all looked wonderful.

    They started the show with their theme song "Tumbling Tumbleweeds". Roy joined them in "Trail to San Antone", "My Adobe Hacienda" and sang "Dusty" for his little boy.

    The Pioneers did their No. 1 hit song "Cool Water". Before they started to sing it, Roy introduced Bob to the public by saying, "I would like you to meet a fellow who has written over 400 cowboy songs including Tumbling Tumbleweeds and leader of the Sons of the Pioneers - Bob Nolan!"

    At some performances, their singing of "Cool Water" fitted right in as we had a little rain now and then. Roy then talked about "The Bells of San Angelo" in which they did a song called "Hot Lead". He introduced Pat to do the solo after which he remarked that Pat was the only man who shot 24 bullets out of a .45 without reloading the gun. During the song, Bob would throw clay pigeons in the air and every time Pat would say "Hot Lead", Roy would shoot them down. Their act ended with Bob throwing balloons in the air and Roy trying his best to hit every one of them and it was tough on a windy night but he still got every one down.

    The Thrill Circus was some show. They had a fellow in one act, he would climb a pole 185 feet from the ground and swing on it. Another act a girl would be shot out of a cannon. They really did have thrills. For those who have seen the show knew what a thrill it was to see our boys and if you had a chance to talk to the Pioneers you all know what a great bunch of fellows they are. I don't think you could find a finer bunch anywhere. So, gang, let's all stay behind them. Always make sure our favorites "The Sons of the Pioneers" are right on top.

Bye, Julia



    Time really passes when you are working. Pioneers left for their Circus tour that was very successful.

    Now it's Rodeo time again and the wild Brahma bulls are ready to go into action. Here it is opening night at the Philadelphia Arena and again the boys packed them in. Roy and the Sons opened with "Tumbling Tumbleweeds". For their second number, they did "Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume" from their recent picture, "On the Old Spanish Trail". Roy introduced Bob after which he did his own "Cool Water". After their numbers were over, Roy introduced Dale Evans as Queen of the Westerns. She came galloping out on Trigger Jr. She looked very cute in her red velvet costume. She sang for her first number which she wrote herself, "His Hat Cost More than Mine" and "When  the White Roses Bloom in Red River Valley'. She asked Roy to join her in the chorus with the Pioneers accompanying them.

    Sunday, being there was no show, most of the gang were invited to a ranch about fifty miles outside of Philadelphia. All went but Karl, Hugh and Lloyd who stayed at the hotel. In the afternoon Martha (Retsch) and Emma Hackett also of Pittsburgh and myself thought we would go to see the boys in their latest picture, "Springtime in the Sierras". Not knowing Philadelphia as well as we thought, followed our own directions and, after almost walking over an hour in circles, finally ended up in North Philadelphia and right in front of the theatre where our boys picture was playing. And it turned out to be another hit. I had a wonderful weekend in Philadelphia. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Pat Brady and Mrs. Lloyd Perryman. It was nice to meet most of you members and seeing the boys again. And also getting to know Martha better. Until Rodeo time next year.

By now, Julia.



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    It's time for another Roy Rogers Rodeo here in St. Louis and we all know that group of singers that have been on tour since June 1st with the Thrill Circus and now the Rodeo. Yes, it's our own Sons of the Pioneers

    The show opened on Friday Sept and it closed on Sunday Oct. 5th. The crowd gave them a warm welcome and opening was a sell out. The sons and Roy opened the show with their theme song "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" with Roy doing the solo part of the song. For their next number, Roy sang "Dusty" after which Roy introduced a song which he made a recording of and it was the title of their picture, "On the Old Spanish Trail". He then introduced Bob as the leader of the group and a composer of more than 500 songs. Bob and the boys did their "Cool Water". The audience joined in on "Home on the Range" with the boys and Roy and it turned out to be very successful. From their picture "The Gay Ranchero" which they just finished before coming on this tour, they did "Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume". (performed here by Ken Curtis and the Novelty Aces, courtesy of OJ Sikes.)

    Roy then introduced Dale who rode Trigger Jr. out into the Arena. She sang "I am the Rage of the Sage" with Lloyd and Tim helping her out and Pat in the background. Her second song was "Fussin' and a-Fightin'". For her final number "When the White Roses Bloom in Red River Valley" and again Roy joined her in the chorus. After which, Roy introduced Karl and Hugh. The follows did their own "Farr Away Blues".

    In the second part of their act, the Circus was brought back into the Rodeo. From "The Bells of San Angelo" they did "Hot Lead" in which Bob would throw clay pigeons into the air and Roy would shoot them down. As you all know that Pat was the only guy in history to shoot 24 bullets out of a .45 without reloading the gun.

    Their act ended with the Pioneers doing "Cowboys and Indians" and while they were singing, Indians would circle around the boys. Every Saturday at the afternoon show, Roy would give a pony away to some lucky little boy or girl. The first week of the show Roy was presented with a pony and saddle for his own little boy.

    The Pioneers appeared at quite a few places while in St. Louis. They did an early morning broadcast on Uncle Dick Slacks. Thy sang "Happy Cowboy", "Cool Water", "In My Adobe Hacienda". Lloyd did the solo part on this number.

    On Saturday Sept. 27th from their dressing rooms at the Arena and again on Uncle Dick Slack's program for about 20 minutes, they sang "On the Old Spanish Trail" and "Harriett".

    Roy was also on this program with Dizzy Dean. They talked about their new picture they will start when they get back to the coast. The name of it is "The Golden Stallion".

    The following Friday, the Pioneers and Roy appeared at Hampton Village in the Harmony Shop. Over twenty seven hundred people on this cold afternoon and the presentation of a Shetland Pony.

    After the pony was given away to a little girl about three, the Pioneers and Roy signed their records for everyone who got them and, believe me, they had writers' cramps when they got done. I guess that is all from St. Louis until next season and until I meet you all again. Keep our stars right where they belong - on top.

Bye, Julia.



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COWTOWN CHATTER by Beaula Garland (excerpts)

    Roy Rogers and our own special honoraries, the Sons of the Pioneers, made an appearance in a downtown L. A. department store August 28, much to the delight and excitement of the city's younger citizens and their parents. It's hard to say just which enjoyed the King of the Cowboys and the Sons' visit the most - the kiddies or their folks, but from where I stood there was not a disappointed person in the crowd!



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