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"Bob Nolan: A Biographical Guide and Annotations to the Lyric Archive" is a self-published book by Paul Lawrence Hopper. Hopper provided annotations to the volume of Bob Nolan's lyrics collected by Elizabeth Drake McDonald and the biography grew from that project. Hopper's book charts Bob Nolan's life and is illustrated with photographs from Nolan's grandson, Calin Coburn. It also includes complete lists of Nolan's songs that are recorded on transcription discs; recording session dates for Nolan; and a filmography for his group, the Sons of the Pioneers. There are no music sheets in the book and only a few complete lyric sets. One is for an unpublished song "To Will Rogers." Another is the first publication of "In the Wind of Time" derived from handwritten pages in Bob's notebook (fully illustrated in the book) and a composite of the original and final lyrics showing the development of "Tumbling Tumbleweeds." To purchase this book, contact Lawrence Hopper at: larryhxl11@optimum.net















In the early 1970s, the late Ken Griffis began a series of taped interviews of each member of the Sons of the Pioneers for the John Edwards Memorial Foundation which culminated in his book, “Hear My Song: The Story of the Celebrated Sons of the Pioneers”,1974. (Norken, 1996, Northglen, CO. Revised Edition. 232 pages, Illustrated.) The book has been reprinted several times. It is often available from www.ebay.com The book is an invaluable resource – a detailed history of the individual and collective Sons of the Pioneers including a listing of their recordings and movies, etc.













For a history of the singing cowboy and Bob Nolan’s place in that world, we highly recommend "Singing In The Saddle: The History of the Singing Cowboy" by Douglas B. Green, © Published by Vanderbilt Press/Country Music Foundation Press, 2002. 


Ranger Doug, of Riders in the Sky fame, has given us an authoritative reference book of 408 illustrated pages tracing the development of western music. Printed on glossy stock, the dozens of photographs are clean and clear. It has over 50 pages of Bibliography, Endnotes and Index. It also has a useful 9-page time line. Green is not only a singer / songwriter himself, he is also an experienced, respected historian and a gifted writer who makes the pages come alive.


The book may be purchased in most new book outlets or from www.amazon.com












Eric van Hamersveld wrote "It Was Always the Music", R & R Publications, 2001, with detailed information about each of the films in which Roy Rogers and Dale Evans appeared together. Lead sheets of all the songs used in the films from mid-1944 to late 1948 were reconstructed and printed for the book. For added interest, Eric used many video captures from the film song sequences.


The huge 9" x 12" book is 399 pages on glossy stock and can be purchased in a basic or leather binding. It is a beautiful gift book loaded with photos and opens easily for piano use. The book itself comes with one CD. You can also buy the complete collection of music from all these movies.


The book may be found on www.ebay.com at times.














For a fine collection of professional and candid photos, find The Sons of the Pioneers by Bill O’Neal and Fred Goodwin, 2002. Bowen, Fred Goodwin knew Bob Nolan personally and he has amassed what he believes to be the largest collection of Sons of the Pioneers memorabilia in the world. Fred is very knowledgeable about the history of the group.


The 7" x 10" softcover book of 250 pages is printed on matte stock, profusely illustrated and the photos are clear. It includes over 25 pages of lists of recordings, films, bibliography and index.


The book can be found on www.amazon.com








The Latest Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Books



Two must-have books for Roy-Dale aficionados

To purchase Contact the author









    "Gabby Hayes - King of the Cowboy Comics", Empire Publishing, 2008. ISBN 978-094401954-2

      Bobby Copeland has written a book with  Richard B. Smith III that deserves a place on every B-Western fan's shelf. The 148-page book contains Gabby's biography, his films with Hopalong Cassidy, Wild Bill Elliott, Roy Rogers and others. Soft cover,  8 1/2" x 11".

       It has sections on his TV performances, his comic books, his Boys' Ranch plus popularity rankings, favorite sayings called "Gabbyisms" and his life after his screen career. A short review of each of his westerns is included. It is loaded with professional photos, reproductions of movie posters and candid shots. The book is hard to find now that Bobby has passed on.










       "Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys - a Film Guide" by Bob Carman and Dan Scapperotti, ©1979. 240 pages, soft cover,  8 1/2" x 11".

        This books is an invaluable reference - a complete filmography - for all the Roy Rogers movies. It contains a full page of accurate film review with  release dates and running times. Each facing page is illustrated with publicity stills from the movie. Pages 93 - 108 are posters from the films printed on glossy stock. Over 250 photos in  all.

        There is a section on Roy's other film appearances and non-starring roles and a 12-page section on the songs in each movie by Laurence Zwisohn. The book is completed by a review of each TV show plus plenty of pictures.

        This is a fine reference to have on hand when you watch those old Roy Rogers movies and want to place a familiar face.

        The book can be purchased for $29.95 plus $5 shipping and handling from the author. For $1 extra per book, Bob will ship by Priority Mail.


Bob Carman

2298 Addington Circle

Rockledge, FL 32955-6678

(321) 507-4054






Three Roy Rogers biographies with insights into the careers of the Sons of the Pioneers:



(left) Happy Trails - Our Life Story by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with Jan and Michael Stern.

(centre) Happy Trails - The Story of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans with Carlton Stowers

(right) The Answer is God by Dale Evans and Roy Rogers with Elise Miller Davis



Two autobiographies by Roy Rogers' children:





Others who appeared with Roy in his movies:









"An Illustrated History of Trigger: The Lives and Legends of Roy Rogers' Palomino" by Leo Pando    


        Among certain fans, Roy Rogers' golden Palomino, Trigger, was more popular than the King of the Cowboys himself. Some are still infatuated by the horse decades after his death in 1965 - and no wonder. Trigger is the most famous movie horse of all time.  But in truth, "Trigger" was a composite of the original horse, a number of look-alikes and one extraordinary double (rarely acknowledged by Rogers) named Little Trigger.

        This book is a detailed look at the animals and men who created and nurtured the legend of "the smartest horse in the movies." It covers the life story of the original horse and the look-alikes, as well as the story of "Trigger," the legend. A filmography lists all films in which Trigger appeared, including some without Roy Rogers. Television and personal appearances are also discussed.

        Covered in their own chapters are horse hero comic books and Trigger collectibles. Also included is a biography of Trigger's trainer, Glenn Randall, and a chapter on Roy Rogers as horseman. Generous illustrations include many rare (some previously unpublished) photographs gathered from Trigger collectors nationwide, and even copies of Trigger's registration form and bill of sale.

        The book can be purchased at most book outlets including www.amazon.com

















        Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage replaced the Sons of the Pioneers in the Roy Rogers Republic movies following "Night Time in Nevada".    

       “No One to Cry To” tells about Foy Willing’s spectacular rise to national popularity through the Golden Age of Radio, million-seller recordings, and rip-snortin’ performances in “B” western movies with cowboy stars Charles Starrett, Monte Hale and Roy Rogers. It’s also the story of a musical genius’s sad career decline and battle with alcohol and drugs. With sometimes disturbing - but always tender - honesty, the author chronicles Foy’s struggles to regain his niche in the musical entertainment world, and the abrupt cutting short of that imminent success. “No One to Cry To” is a fascinating introduction to an incomparable man and a bygone era. Includes never-before-seen photos and a complete filmography and discography. 

      “No One to Cry To: A Long, Hard Ride into the Sunset with FOY WILLING of The Riders of the Purple Sage,” by Sharon Lee Willing, is now available through the publisher, Wheatmark, Inc. (Wheatmark.com), Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, BarnesandNoble.com, Borders.com, Target.com and numerous other outlets.


        Or go to Sharon's site at: http://www.sharonwilling.com/








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