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        My column is getting to where it sounds like one of those "Dear Diary" things but folks keep writing in and asking questions....glad they do, too, 'cause it's nice to know your friends are interested in what's doing with the Pioneers. So, since it's impossible to answer all the letters personally I just use up my column for purpose of setting forth the happenings from time to time.

        This month I sit me down, take my pen in hand and report: Got a call the 21st of October (we were up in Seattle) to check in at Republic on the 23rd. Had to give up the Camel Caravan, with which we were playing the army camps, and like the migratory birds we are, we flew south around the 10th of November....started recording a series of 15 minute transcriptions for Dr. Pepper with Martha Mears and Dick Foran. On Saturday, November 22nd, we began a coast-to-coast broadcast from Long Beach, California, to the Mutual Broadcasting System. It's released from WOR (in the east) at 11:30PM. It is our understanding that WGN (Chicago) transcribes the show and releases it the following Sunday morning. This is an audience show and we follow it with 45 minutes on the stage. Any of you folks want to come down just load up the old chuckwagon and come on....the doors open at 7:30PM. Charley Lung, who portrays the part of Dad Cody, is known as the man of a thousand voices....he does a skit in which he takes 17 parts....try it sometime.

        On the 21st of November we started our second picture with Roy. Don't know the title of it as yet. Bob and Tim wrote the songs (six of them) and Karl and yours truly wrote the instrumentals. There's a possibility motion picture commitments permitting, that we might take this Radio Rodeo on tour and broadcast each Saturday night from wherever we happen to be.

        Well, for this time I'll just be sayin', "S'Long" and remember: Smoke camels, Drink Dr. Perrer's, See Red River Valley, Subscript to TUMBLEWEED TOPICS, Drive Carefully and Merry Xmas! -- Hugh (Tumbleweed Topics Vol 1 No 13, December, 1941)

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