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        My interest in the Sons of the Pioneers came in a roundabout way. As a youngster I was more into Elvis and Bobby Darin and, inevitably, the Beatles. My oldest brother, however, was a big country fan and enjoyed
the Sons' music.
        Throughout the 70's I was in a Shanana type of band "The East Side Pharaohs."  Eventually, I found an upright bass for sale and learned bluegrass. After seeing Riders in the Sky on a public TV show I got hooked on Cowboy Music. But most of the musicians around me were more into Bob Dylan, John Prine and also Ian Tyson who does some good cowboy songs. So although other music people enjoyed cowboy songs, that music was just part of the whole folk scene.

        And up to a couple of years ago, the Sons of the Pioneers were just another cowboy band among the myriad of others (Texas Playboys, Andy Parker and the Plainsmen etc) So I learned a few Sons songs for my performances. Although I add that there were 5 sons and 1 me so it's a little difficult to do Sons of the Pioneers songs. And it wasn't until I started on the Nolan tribute that I really learned how deep these songs were.
        When I wrote "Chuck Wagon Joe" about 3 years ago it was my intent to do a song in the Sons of the Pioneers style but after learning more about Nolan as a song artist and his work I realized that it wasn't as much in their style as I originally thought.
        So for a while they were 'just contained in my spectrum of western music' but after learning more about them I feel they are much more than that.
        If you go on my website and click General Store you will see the listing. I've written a number of other songs and I'm planning a Cd with about a dozen tunes.


Listen to Lonesome Ron yodel

Hobart Presley performance in Wells, MN.
Some promotional videos from some of my concerts.

Confessions of the Ninth Man


(The only Soap Opera filmed at Heritage Acres in Fairmont, MN.)

Trailer - A mysterious Our Story announcer describes everything you need to know about the new Our Story soap opera, "As The Corn Grows," in this trailer for the show. Learn about the cast of characters, the through-story of the show and where it can be viewed on TV and the Internet. As the announcer says, "I don’t know what you’ll think about As The Corn Grows!" What will you think, do you think? Will you be watching every cliff-hanging episode during the coming year as it unfolds?

Episode 1
- The brand-new soap opera, "As The Corn Grows," premieres here and introduces us to the corny of cast of characters - Mrs. Swanson, Cousin John, Prairie Ann and Elmer Plow - while they discuss the looming fate of sickly Aunt Ella with her doctor. Get to know our soap's characters as they sit around Aunt Ella's farm house dining table and ponder who will inherit what when she dies.

Episode 2
- In Episode 2 of "As The Corn Grows" we’re with dying Aunt Ella who has called Mrs. Swanson to her deathbed in order to say her last goodbyes. Prairie Ann happens to drop by, and so do inimitable Elmer Plow and Cousin John. Does Aunt Ella bite the dust? Who will be inheriting the farm? Hmmmmm... You'd better watch to find out!

Episode 3
- In this bleak 3rd episode, the entire community says a tearful (?) goodbye to Aunt Ella at her funeral services. But really how sad were they? This and more you’ll find out as we go inside the thoughts of each mourner while they squirm with supposed grief in their pews. Listen to entertainer Lonesome Ron sing a tribute to Aunt Ella with her favorite song. Can you guess what it is? Will we ever find out who the "Woman In The Black Veil" is? Tune in to the next exciting episode to find out!

Our Story is an entertainment, news and current-events program that features the biggest and best happenings in Our Story country.
My part occurs about 2 or 3 minutes into each show. Thanks again,
Lonesome Ron