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I consider Bob Nolan to be a National treasure. The man was born with the heart of a poet, and he possessed one of the most unique voices ever recorded.

Bob was a writer of Western music and as long as that music is played (and I expect it to be played forever), his wonderful contributions - in voice and song - will be admired and appreciated. 

Let me interject right here, there is a vast difference in Western and Country music. The two should have never been linked together. Western music is about the outdoors, the strife of man vs. nature, and the beauty of God's creation. While Country music is basically about drinking, carousing, and broken hearts.

No one painted a more beautiful picture of the way of life in the great outdoors than Bob Nolan.

Bob loved nature and he brought it out in his songs. He was born in the beautiful back woods of Canada, and when he moved to the U. S. and saw the magnificence of the desert, he said, "It was awe-inspiring to say the least, to wake up in the morning to see the desert's beauty with the sun shining through millions of drops of dew."

Many have said, "It is a shame Nolan never got the chance to star in Western films." These people do not understand that Bob had no aspirations to be an actor. Making  movies was a means to make a living so he could do what he was born to do - write songs. Bob would have been much happier to spend his time in a remote location where he could enjoy the solitude, mediate, and devote all his energy to writing more beautiful songs. In fact, he once owned such a place, and when asked the location so he could be visited, Bob explained, "You don't understand, I don't want visitors." Now, he wasn't being rude, he just wanted time to be alone so he would write - without intrusion.

It is difficult to believe but, at one time, his splendid voice was not appreciated by Columbia Pictures. The studio brought in Don Grayson as the lead singer for the Sons of the Pioneers. But, thankfully, brighter heads prevailed and soon Bob took his rightful place with the Pioneers.

Bob Nolan's heart was touched by the hand of God to write songs expressing the everlasting beauty of God's handicraft, and the world of music is a better place due to that touch.

Thank you Bob Nolan, for your music of the West, and may it indelibly inscribed it our hearts and minds throughout eternity. (submitted on Tuesday, November 07, 2006 by Bobby Copeland - Author, Researcher of Western Film Performers)

(L-R) Jimmy Wakely, Jimmy's stuntman Wayne Burson, actor Ted French, director Oliver Drake, Johnny Bond, Bob Nolan. Taken November 1975 at Wakely's home.


More Sons of the Pioneers Picture courtesy of Bobby Copeland


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