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Charles Engels 

"Chuckaroo the Buckaroo"


I have Bob's 1979 release, a couple of the Bear Family Sons of the Pioneers boxed sets, a few more double and quadruple CD compilations, a good number of single CDs and even a few old LPs of Sons of the Pioneers in my collection. Not to mention the Roy Rogers boxed sets and single discs. I play them very often on my radio show but I am hoping to find some more gems on your web site that I have never heard before. And having the lyrics to read along with really adds a lot to the experience of listening to the music.


There is just something about Bob Nolan's compositions, his voice and, of course, the contributions of the rest of the Sons of the Pioneers that made their music stand out so uniquely and strike such a resonate chord with the public. It was a golden time of making music that I double we will ever see again.


Thanks again for taking us all back to those years of the B-Westerns, the innocence, the optimism, and even the na´vetÚ of America in a simpler time, if only for a short while, through the recollections in your fabulous Bob Nolan web site.


Chuckaroo the Buckaroo, October 29, 2006


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