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Martha Keller

I just wanted to write after glancing over the website you've worked so hard on.  You mentioned on there about hearing from people whose lives have been touched by your grandfather or by his works.  Well, I'm one.

I am 62 years old & I can remember hearing his songs as long as I can remember.

My father was a natural musician.  He could play any stringed instrument - Guitar, Steel Guitar, Hawaiian Guitar, Banjo (4 & 5 string),  Electric Guitar , Octophone, Piano, Harp Guitar, Auto Harp & the Tenor Guitar.  Those are the ones I can think of.  He use to play at local clubs in surrounding towns and really enjoyed  it.  The problem was that he belonged to a church that didn't allow musical instruments.  The church was the "Old Order German Baptist Church" (along the lines of Mennonite only more strict  in some ways).  He had been firmly indoctrinated in the beliefs of the church that he tried to follow its ways but wound up trying to HIDE his music abilities.  He was extremely talented.  It was a shame. As he got older he got to singing country music & Marty Robbins had tried to talk him into going on the road with him but my dad had church ties that held him back.

He enjoyed listening to the Sons of the Pioneers.  Many of the songs were played on an old Nickelodeon we had at our house.  My mom would put them on when I was just a baby & I would fall asleep listening to them.  She had to stop doing that because I would wake up at night when she turned them off. 

    My favorite song your dad did that I could remember was a song I only heard my grandfather & my dad sing.  I never heard  Bob Nolan sing it.  It was the only one I learned to sing by heart & I sang it often to myself.  Once I had children, I use to sing it to them too.  Now my oldest daughter is pregnant (about 7 wks.) & she called me up 2 days ago asking for the lyrics to the song, saying she wanted to raise her baby up like I raised her. She wanted to sing that song to her baby too.  The song is the "King's Highway".  I had forgotten the 1st 2 lines in the 2nd verse & the whole 1st verse.

I can't tell you how much joy it brought to my heart when my daughter found your website.  I told Kerry (my daughter) that Bob Nolan had written the song.  She said she would get on the computer to see if she could find it & she did!

I just wanted to share with you that his songs continue through the generations just as some of the songs my dad wrote has continued in his family's hearts.  

My mom once told me a story of a time she was extremely embarrassed. I don't know if it was true or not because I was too little to remember it but she said one time my grandfather & dad had gone to Indy to a club to hear the Sons of the Pioneers.  I guess they met them & I don't know if this was true but she said they followed my dad back to our house.  My dad called to my mom when they walked into the house she turned around to look up & see the them all staring at her.  She was down on her hands & knees mopping our kitchen floor with a bandana on her head.  Like I said, its just a tale I heard but don't know if it was true or not.  Nice to think so anyway.

I still have some of the old records that I'm trying to get put on CDs.  I still like listening to them.

I do have a question for you.  I saw a lot of his songs listed on your website.  Do you know if they have been put on CD or can they be?  Would love to get them if possible.

Many of them are on CD, Martha. Go to our Discography page, click on an album cover and it will take you to the track list.