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Gary Lynch

Creston, CA




Bob Nolan was a Cosmic Orphan.  Its like being alone but not lonely, not having much money but not being poor. More alive in nature and its peace than with a group of people, especially people who gather for the wrong reasons like awards and parties and whos who type of thing. Bob certainly was not a hermit and it appears to me many people do not understand artists who listen to a higher

calling than what the average person does.    



I was pleased to find your Bob Nolan web page and even more excited to find it was so complete. Even though I am only 64 years old, The Sons Of The Pioneers music took me though my childhood as my parents and relatives often played their music on the old style phonograph. Now that I am retired and have time to devote to me pleasures, I find I am immersed in the B-Westerns and the personalities that were featured in them. Roy Rogers and Bob Nolan are possibly my two favorites. Bob Nolan for his supreme talent of writing and performing true authentic and original western music and Roy Rogers for his message to us kids of the 50s on how to live a quality life.


I live out on 22 acres in Creston, CA (93432) and spend time in the desert southwest in the winters. The open range, its animals, sparse vegetation, forever skyline, sunrises and sunsets along with moon and the stars, and the sounds and smells this landscape creates all seem to be in a Bob Nolan song. If there ever was a person who could write and sing and bring the listener closer to the God of his choice, it certainly was Bob Nolan.


Id hope your web pages would find their way into many homes and more important schools so the current generations can discover what pure poetic genius of the pioneer sprit is all about.


2019 with Cisco



A number of old friends gather each year in the Sierra Nevada Mountains for an old fashion Dirt Jam that goes on for 2 3 days. We all play in bands throughout the year and this is a time out for all of us. Around the campfire we honor the old warriors like Bob Nolan and reflect on tragedy like the death of Pat Brady. Our generation does not forget our heritage. I am on the right with large dark brown upright bass.