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Hugh McLennan

British Columbia, Canada



British Columbia rancher, horse trainer, narrator, professional speaker and creator of the radio show, "Spirit of the West", Hugh McLennan continues to keep western music on the air.  "Spirit of the West" is heard on a large network of stations in the US and Canada and by the rest of the world via the Internet.


Left: Hugh McLennan and his wife, Billie.

September 13, 2007

Describing the influence Bob Nolan had on my life is a daunting challenge because the influence was so profound. My lifelong love of cowboy life began with Bob's unique and spellbinding speaking voice, in picturesque prose, describing the life of a cowboy under the big western sky as he introduced songs on the Sons of the Pioneers Radio Broadcasts. I was a young city kid, but when I closed my eyes, those vivid images of a cowboy silhouetted against the western sky, sitting like a statue on his good horse as the cattle bedded down stirred something deep inside. Something peaceful, serene, wholesome, challenging and beautiful; something I wanted to experience first hand.

A few years later, helping out at a riding stable in the Rockies, I rode for hours by myself, along those mountain trails, singing "Here on the Range I Belong" over and over to my horse. The flames of this passion for the west were fanned higher at the Saturday Matinees when "Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers" came up on the credits.

More than 50 years later, here I am still in the saddle, riding good horses, working cattle in some of the most beautiful ranch country of the west, and it seems the spirit of Bob Nolan still rides with me. Songs like "Lord you Made the Cowboy Happy", "The West is in My Soul", "He Walks With the Wild and Lonely", "The Mystery of His Way", "Happy Rovin' Cowboy", "He's Ridin' Home, "The Boss is Hangin' Out a Rainbow", and literally hundreds more still roll through my mind while we're trailing cows and calves up to the summer range, or gathering in the fall.

What a wonderful job Calin and Elizabeth are doing with the Website. I love riding through it regularly, seeing the video clips, reading the latest memories and hearing the song clips. Keep up your great work.


McLennan Ranch




In September and October 2006, Hugh McLennan hosted 2 Bob Nolan tribute programs on internet and radio.  The following are excerpts from these programs with guests Dick Goodman, Robert Wagoner, Elizabeth McDonald and Dale Warren (then leader of the current Sons of the Pioneers).


 1. Bob Nolan's reflections on the desert, "Song of the Rover" sung by the Sons of the San Joaquin.

 2. Bob Nolan's early life by Elizabeth Drake McDonald.

 3. Robert Wagoner sings "Chant of the Plains" and remembers Bob Nolan.

 4. Bob Nolan speaking of Trails. "Trail Dreamin'" sung by Les Gilliam.

 5. Bob Nolan telling how "Tumbling Leaves" became "Tumbling Tumbleweeds".

 6. Dale Warren. "Cool Water".

 7. Memorial at Rex Allen's Ranch (Robert Wagoner), "Ridin' Home".

 8. Last album and "That Old Outlaw, Time"

 9. "Happy Cowboy" (Jack Sadler), Dick Goodman's memories of Bob Nolan

10. Informal jam - Bob Nolan and the Reinsmen

11. "One More Ride" introduced by Bob in a Teleways radio show.

12. "Can You Hear Those Pioneers?". Dick Goodman's comments.

13. Dick Goodman, Rex Allen and "At the Rainbow's End", credits

Hugh has many interesting items on his "Merchandise" page, including his latest CD, "The Creak of the Leather". Accompanied on guitar by Jim McLennan, Hugh's rich and familiar voice is outstanding on "Silent Lonely Rider".


Track list:

01. Silent Lonely Rider (Bill Barwick)

02. Texas in the Spring (Traditional)

03. Talking Bronc Ballet Blues (Dave Stamey)

04. Dally the Blue Stem Grass (Ken Lee)

05. Drumheller Circle (Steve Bell)

06. The Creak of the Leather (Bruce Kiskaddon, lyrics)

07. Travelin' Light (R. W. Hampton)

08. Sancho (R. W. Hampton)

09. Dream Ridin' (R. W. Hampton)

10. Tom & Pearl (Tom Munn)

11. Prairie Rose (Jim McLennan)

12. Little Joe the Wrangler (traditional / Jack Thorp)

13. Echoes of the Trail (Johnny Kendrick)

14. The Man on His Horse

15. The Place Where I Worship (Fay Foster / Al Goodheart / Florence Tarr)


Price is $20 including taxes, plus shipping and handling. Order directly from Hugh's page or write to:


Hugh McLennan

2520 Hyas Lake Rd

Pinanatan, BC, V0E 3E1


Ph / FAX: (250) 573-5731