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Lorenz (Yaqui) Russomano

I was a kid model and was working for Mr. Autry and the company that made his kids' outfits when I first met Bob. I must have been all of 5 years old and was at Madison Square Gardens, NYC, when I met him and the boys.

I spent some time over the next few years seeing them. He would let me watch them when they were working on a new song. I can still hear them in my head. He wanted it just right when they would sing that song in the Garden - no one but me and a few of Colburn's cowboys tending stock. They would stop and watch Tim, Hugh, Karl, Ken, Shug, yes, and Roy with Bob doing his best work making the harmony out of all that. And it still lasts to this day as the best singing group that will ever be.

Bob was very special to me. He and the boys treated a kid like he was gold. They let me listen  to them  and never said a word  or told me to sit down or anything.  It was at a hard time in my life - I lost my dad.

That was the reason for the modeling of Mr Autry's outfit. Mr Autry  was also very special to me but Bob would spend time asking me did I like that song or the other.  He was Bob !!!!