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Call of the Rockies

(aka "Outlaws of the Big Bend" / "The Lone Rider")


Columbia Pictures Corporation

Production Dates: January 4 - 12, 1938

Release Date: 1938 04 30

Running time: 54 / 58 minutes (6 reels)

Key book (production) number: 303



Plot Summary
Production and Publicity Stills

Press Kit


Intro to the movie



Charles Starrett as Clint Buckley

Donald Grayson as Slim Grayson

Iris Meredith as Ann Bradford

Sons of the Pioneers

Dick Curtis as Matt Stark

Edward leSaint as Judge Stockton   

Edmund Cobb as Barlow

Art Mix as Trigger

John Tyrrell as Swale

George Chesebro as Monk

Glenn Strange as Kelso (?)

Songs: (according to Laurence Zwisohn's cue sheets)

1. A Cowboy has to Sing (Bob Nolan)

2. Following the Sun All Day (Bob Nolan)

3. The Hangin' Blues (Bob Nolan)

4. A Cowboy has to Sing (Bob Nolan)


You ain't Heard Nothin' Till You Hear Him Roar (The Lima News, Lima, OH, 1938 12 11)


Songs: (according to Les Adams' cue sheets)

1. You ain't Heard Nothin' Till You Hear that Man Roar (Bob Nolan)

2. There's Going to be a Hanging (Bob Nolan)

3. Wind (Bob Nolan)

4. A Cowboy Has to Sing (Bob Nolan)

5. Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Bob Nolan)

Plot: (courtesy of Les Adams)

    Unable to pay her notes, Ann Bradford, owner of the Circle C, decides to auction off a half interest in her ranch. Matt Start, a crooked land dealer, holds Ann's notes. His efforts to buy the ranch have been refused and he instructs his lieutenant, Barlow, and other henchmen to make sure nobody bids on the property.

    Clint Buckley rides into town on the day of the auction, overhears Stark's directions to his gunmen, and decides to attend the sale. Barlow attempts to intimidate him and a fight ensues from which Clint emerges victorious. His bid of $25,000 closes the auction and he and Ann ride off together for the Circle C. When a bullet whistles past their heads, Clint and Ann take refuge behind the rocks. While he holds off the attackers, the girl rides for help, meeting Slim, her foreman. Slim and his men drive off the outlaws, rescuing Clint.

    Clint signs the papers which make him a part owner of the Circle C. Barlow, who has ridden to the ranch to contact Stark hirelings on Ann's payroll, sees Ann hide Clint's check and steals it. Clint pursues Barlow, who escapes. Clint spurs into town and eavesdrops at Stark's window. He is captured but not until he has learned that Stark killed Ann's father and is now "stealing" ranches for a big syndicate.

    The next morning, Judge Stockton, Ann's old friend and attorney, notices strange happenings around Stark's office and tells Slim who investigates and rescues Clint. Dismayed when they discover Clint has been freed, Stark and his men start shooting. With the tide of battle turning against him, Stark attempts to flee but is captured by Clint after a fierce battle. Barlow, who believes himself double-crossed by Stark, shoots the man and is himself filled by Clint.

    With the Circle C once again freed, Ann and Clint decide to make their partnership a permanent one.



Production and Publicity Stills



Courtesy of Earl Bryant





Courtesy of Les Adams


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey

Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey




Courtesy of Bruce Hickey



Courtesy of Bruce Hickey



Courtesy of Bruce Hickey



Courtesy of Bruce Hickey




Press Kit (Courtesy of Les Adams)