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Law of the Plains

(aka "Hidden Trails")


Columbia Pictures Corporation of California

Production Dates: February 17 - 25, 1938

Release Date: 1938 05 12

Running time: 56 minutes (6 reels)

Key book (production) number: 304



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Introduction: We have been unable to find a print of this film.



Charles Starrett as Chuck Saunders

Iris Meredith as Marion McGowan/Norton

Bob Nolan as Bob

The Sons of the Pioneers - Ranch hands

Robert Warwick as Willard McGowan

Dick Curtis as Jim Fletcher

Edward LeSaint as William Norton

Edmund Cobb as Slagle

Art Mix as Grant, henchman

Jack Rockwell as the Town Marshall

George Chesebro as the bartender

Jack Long as Bradley

John Tyrrell as a henchman


Songs: (from cue sheets, courtesy of Laurence Zwisohn. No one has seen the film to check.)

1. Sunset on the Range (Bob Nolan?) (Could this be Tim's "Sunset on the Trail" or Roy Rogers' "Sunset on the Range"?)

2. Wind (Bob Nolan)

3. Tommy, Don't Go (Hugh Farr)

4. A No-Good Son-of-a-Gun (Bob Nolan)

5. Swing Ding (Hugh & Karl Farr)

6. Sunset on the Range (Bob Nolan?) (Could this be Tim's "Sunset on the Trail" or Roy Rogers' "Sunset on the Range"?)

Rancher William Norton (Edward LeSaint) refuses to sell his cattle for half price, so saloon owner and gang leader Jim Fletcher (Dick Curtis), contrary to the orders from his secret boss Willard McGowan (Robert Warwick), the town banker, has his men rob and beat up Norton. Unknown to anyone, Marion (Iris Meredith), McGowan's adopted daughter is really the daughter of Norton, who disappeared as a young baby when she and her mother were passengers on a stagecoach held up by McGowan. Chuck Saunders (Charles Starrett), Norton's foreman, goes after the gang for robbing his boss and eventually uncovers the truth regarding Marion's heritage. In addition to Bob Nolan, "Sons of the Pioneers" Tim Spencer, Lloyd Perryman, Pat Brady, Hugh and Karl Farr are along as Norton ranch hands, and the uncredited Blackie Whiteford and Ernie Adams also appear. (Les Adams) 


Publicity and Production Stills


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