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Man from Cheyenne


Republic Pictures Corporation

Production Dates: began on November 24, 1941.

Release Date: 1942 01 16

Running time: 60 min (6 reels or 5,491 ft.) We have only the cut version of this film.

Key book (production) number: 1123

Location: Juaregui Ranch / Red Rock Canyon / Bronson Canyon / Burro Flats


Plot Summary
Production and Publicity Stills

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        In order to neutralize craft and graft and greed, honest and capable Roy Rogers is selected to solve the mysterious rustling problems on his home range. Headed by a beautiful villainess, a lady ranch owner who has teamed up with her jealous and unpredictable foreman, the rustlers whisk the cattle away and leave no trace. However, the lovely socialite is pushed aside by her foreman and events spin out of her control and into murder. In his role of range detective, Roy is forced to appear mysterious himself and this attracts the suspicion of Bob Nolan who keeps him under surveillance.

        Man from Cheyenne is the second film the Sons of the Pioneers made with Roy Rogers for Republic Pictures. For most of 1942 the Republic studio showcased the group and their music much as Columbia had done.  Bob Nolan's character was vital to the plot and two of his songs, two of Tim Spencer's and one of the Farr Brothers' compositions were used. At the end of 1942, Republic began using songs by other writers and by 1948 Bob Nolan's songs were virtually phased out. (See Songs in the Bob Nolan Movies) By the way, in Man from Cheyenne, Roy enthusiastically received not only one but two sound kisses!





Roy Rogers as himself and Gale Storm as Judy Evans


Lynne Carver as Marian Hardy and William Haade as Ed, Marian's foreman


Sally Payne as Sally Whittaker and George "Gabby" Hayes as Gabby Whittaker


James Seay as Jim, a rancher

Others in the cast:

Jack Ingram as Chuck, an outlaw



Home Again in Old Wyomin’ (Tim Spencer)
Happy Cowboy (Bob Nolan) Roy and Pioneers in the open country. Gabby takes a verse.
Instrumental – take-off on Lady Be Good – dance tune
Blues in D – behind dialogue
My Old Pal (Bob Nolan)
When a Cowboy Starts to Courtin’ (Tim Spencer)

Missing Songs: (Blue Book Hollywood Musicals by Jack Burton)
*You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Til You Hear Him Roar
*Long About (After) Sundown



        The story begins with rustlers hustling a herd of 200 cattle through a hidden tunnel and onto cattle liners.



        The boss rustler appears to be a imperiously attractive young woman with a surly foreman who pays her only grudging respect.



The second scene takes place in Cheyenne in the office of the Wyoming Cattlemen's Association between a government cattle buyer, several cattlemen and Judy Evans who is representing her uncle.



        Cattle rustling is the topic and the frustration at being unable to bring it to an end, regardless of several detectives who have been sent down. The government representative berates the cattlemen for using antiquated methods for catching rustlers but is unable to come up with a workable suggestion of his own, other than "it must be different".



        Right then a burglar alarm goes off and they all rush to the windows in time to see two robbers dive into a waiting car.



        A door opens in the nearby White Spot Restaurant and a young man opens fire on the car which careens out of control and stops in an alley.



            Judy recognizes the young man and hurries downstairs to intercept him. She starts to greet him warmly until she realizes that he doesn't know who she is. She introduces herself as the little girl who was raised on the same ranch and they renew their friendship.



        The man from the Chamber of Commerce asks them both to come back into the meeting and Roy is invited to do some range detective work for them. He would be able to slip in almost unnoticed because he would be going back home.



        Reluctantly, he agrees then escorts Judy out to her car. He tries his line on her and she smiles and accelerates, leaving him off-balance.



        Trying to regain his balance, he knocks down a man carrying groceries and spends a little time helping him pick them up before he rejoins the Cattleman's Association meeting.



        Roy, riding Trigger and leading a pack horse, meets Gabby and his crew. They are singing "Happy Cowboy" as they ride and are startled to hear the unrecognized rider join in on a verse.



        Gabby finally recognizes him and happily introduces Roy to Bob (foreman) and the crew then they head off to the ranch.



        Meanwhile, back at the ranch Judy and her sister, Sally, are cleaning house. They hear the men ride up and Sally recognizes Roy.




        Sally races over and Roy swings her around and then she gives him a great big kiss, to Red's disgust. Roy and the two girls were raised together on Gabby's ranch but they haven't seen each other since they were children. All except Judy, of course, who met Roy in Cheyenne and must pretend she hasn't. Roy takes the opportunity to gather Judy into his arms, too, and kiss her - to Bob's annoyance.



        Bob appears to think Judy is his girl but he says nothing.



        Gabby hopes aloud that Roy is home to stay but Roy, still holding Judy's hand, doesn't commit himself. The girls take him off to the house to catch up on the news.



        Over dinner, Gabby brings Roy up to date on the ranch situation, the government subsidy and the rustling then he gets up to go to a meeting over at the Hardy ranch. He explains to Roy that, after Hardy died, his daughter has been running the place. This gives the two girls an opportunity to get their claws into the daughter who has just returned from finishing school and has a lot of "la-de-dah" mannerisms. Gabby throws down his napkin,  leaves the room in disgust and Roy follows him.



        Outside, Red is grumbling to Bob about Roy's effect on the two girls. Bob tells him to forget it as Gabby and Roy come out onto the porch.



        Gabby invites Roy to go along to the meeting with him but he declines, using three days in the saddle as an excuse. Gabby gives Bob his orders for the night - guard the north line of the property. But later, Roy sneaks out, saddles up a dark horse and leaves the ranch.

        At the Hardy Ranch, Ed walks in and asks his employer, Marian Hardy, if she wants the boys to go out tonight. She tells him no because the cattlemen have a new plan and she wants to find out what it is then move in again.



        Ed cautions her not to move too fast. The rustling can go on for a long time without anyone finding them out. Marian tells him that she will be gone by the next year, that she can't stand the god-forsaken country. He steps closer to her and tells her she's just lonely. Face hardening, she rebuffs him and he accuses her of thinking she's better than everyone else.



        Just then the cattlemen ride in for the meeting and she dismisses Ed. Her whole demeanor changes from a self-possessed, nerveless outlaw boss to a shy, helpless, frightened woman as the cattlemen enter the room.



        Jim, the sheriff, is especially considerate and she plays up to him. Gabby tells everyone the new plan: each ranch will patrol a certain section each night. Marian pretends she knows nothing about this kind of thing and will do what they say. Jim assures her that they will take care of her. Gabby shows them the map and plans are made.



        Out on the north range, Roy is riding around to see what he can see. Bob Nolan meets Hugh Farr on their circle patrol when Bob sees Roy and takes him for a rustler. Roy runs with Bob right after him, firing his gun. Roy loses him in the brush and Bob gives up the chase but finds that the unknown "rustler's horse" has thrown a shoe. He pockets it.




        Next day, Bob finds Roy shoeing his horse and a light goes on in his mind.



        Bob produces the shoe and, in a round about way, starts to accuse Roy of the being the night rider. He must be careful because Roy is obviously Gabby's fair haired boy but he is more than suspicious.




        Roy is saved explanation by the arrival of Gabby and Judy who bring Trigger for him and they all leave.




        Gabby reassures himself that Roy is happy to be home and then he hints broadly that Roy should get married and raise a family. Judy lashes Gabby's horse into a run and he is distracted for the time being.



        As they ride over their range, they come upon Marian and her foreman, patrolling their land.



        Judy turns her horse to return to the ranch but her uncle won't hear of it. Gabby tells Judy to behave herself so the two women exchange sweetly-barbed greetings and comments.



        She makes an obvious play for Roy and then invites them to a party which Gabby triumphantly announces to Judy that this as proof of Marian's "niceness".



        If he could have heard Marian tell her foreman that the night of the party he will be free to rustle more cattle, Gabby would have been shocked. But her jealous foreman is sure she's giving the party just to be near Roy.



Back at the ranch, Gabby and Roy prepare for the party. Gabby is gingerly shaving and Roy is having a shower. The crude shower installment is rigged with a rope and bucket which nearly drowns Roy, to Gabby's amusement.



        At the Hardy Ranch, the musicians are warming up and a dance begins. Jim is dancing with Marian and telling her she looks like a painting when another rancher cuts in.



        She leaves Jim reluctantly and then gives the rancher the same sweet treatment. But when Gabby cuts in, she is silent and concentrates on protecting her toes while he awkwardly steers her around.



        When Pat tries to cut in, Sally glares at him so he cuts in on her partner instead. He accuses her of being jealous and she stomps on his toe - hard! Roy and Judy are dancing but Roy's thoughts are elsewhere and she notices it. He apologizes and tells her he's uneasy about leaving the range unguarded for so long. He asks if he can ease out of the room and take a look around for awhile and she understands. However, Marian's sharp eyes see him try to leave the house and she intercepts him.



        She refuses to let him leave until he dances with her so he does, to Judy's extreme disgust.



        Sally notices and decides to do something about Marian's little ploy.



        Sally whispers to Bob and asks him to get Roy to sing. Bob refuses to interfere but Sally persists until he gives in.



        To his astonishment, Roy hears Bob announce to the assembly that he has been persuaded to sing. Roy hides his surprise and plays along. He chooses "My Old Pal".



        As the crowd applauds Roy's performance, Jim's foreman burst in with the news that the rustlers have been at work on the west range and one of his men is trailing them. All the cattlemen leave. Marian is worried and Judy is quick to notice.



        The ranchers race out to the range and are stopped by a wounded ranch hand who couldn't help them identify the rustlers. They split up and Roy rides with Jim until they realize it is hopeless. Roy heads home and Jim heads for Marian's, to see if she's all right.



On his way to Marian's, Jim sees a man driving a calf and holds him up. He ties him and they both head for Marian's.



        Marian is anxiously pacing the floor when Jim walks in with the bad news that her men are involved with the rustling. She pretends to disbelieve this and says she is frightened, doesn't know what to do.



        Jim says she will be safer if she goes back to town with him so, under the pretext of changing out of her party clothes, Marian runs out the side of the house and meets her foreman who is just returning from the raid. She is afraid Chuck will talk to the authorities and she doesn't know what to do. Ed tells her to return to the house which she does.



        Marian rejoins Jim, afraid, she says, to stay long enough to change.



        She follows him out onto the porch and Ed shoots him in the back.



        Sickened, this is not the way she had pictured her theft to end, but she is now committed. Ed threatens her with exposure if she backs out.



        Next day, we find Roy lassoing a small calf when Tim races up to ask if Roy has seen Jim because Jim didn't turn up in his office. Worried, Roy begins his own search. He knows Jim intended to see Marian before he returned to town so he heads to the Hardy Ranch.



All of Gabby's hands are calling on the ranchers to see if they've seen Jim and Bob checks with Burroughs.



        Red checks on another rancher without luck. At Marian's ranch, Roy questions her and her foreman to see if she'd seen Jim after the party. She denies it and Roy leaves.



        As Bob searches the range, his horse starts to give him trouble. He calms the animal and dismounts to see what caused the horse to spook and finds Jim's body.



        The cattlemen gather again and it's obvious Bob suspects Roy again because Roy seemed to be the last person who saw Jim alive.



        All the men but Bob leave and Bob watches Roy as he examines Jim's boots. When Roy finds sand in his boots, he leaves. Puzzled, Bob wonders for a moment then follows Roy.



        Roy heads for the part of Gabby's range where he remembered there was sand and he spots a small calf.




        He follows the calf to the cave entrance where he finds a camouflaged gate.



        He walks through it and when he emerges, he finds an angry Bob holding him at gunpoint. Bob refuses to listen to Roy and tells him he's taking him back to town.


        As Bob attempts to remove Roy's gun, Roy knocks him down. Before Bob can defend himself, someone fires a rifle at them.



        All bad feeling set aside in face of a common enemy, they both take race after the gunman.



        Trigger is the fastest horse so Roy reaches the outlaw first and lassoes him from his horse.



        After a brief struggle over the gun, Roy has him under control by the time Bob rides up.



        Bob recognizes the outlaw as one of the Hardy crew and apologizes to Roy.



        Roy asks him to get Gabby and the boys and meet him at the Hardy Ranch.



        One of the Hardy crew recognizes Roy and beats him to the ranch. He reports to Ed.



        Marian warns Ed not to touch Roy. As Roy rides up, she prevents Ed from shooting him and persuades him to let her talk with him to see how much he knows. Ed reminds her that he will be listening.



        The Chinese house boy lets Roy in and goes to find Marian.



        While the houseboy is out of the room, Roy notices the automatic handgun on Marian's desk and removes the cartridges.



        Meanwhile, Bob has taken the captured rustler to Gabby's ranch and tells everyone to mount and ride to Roy's aid.



        Bob rushes into the house to let Gabby know what is happening and Judy lets them know she is certain Marian is in on everything. Both men are incredulous, not believing for an instant that such a lovely, fragile beauty would have anything to do with rustling.



        And Gabby is absolutely disgusted with Judy's jealousy of Marian. Bob doesn't say anything but he agrees with Gabby.



        Gabby orders both girls to stay home and he leaves with his crew.



        Back at the Hardy Ranch, Marian has dressed and meets Roy in the livingroom. He mentions her gun but she doesn't want to talk about guns. Then he breaks the news to her that her men are mixed up in the rustling. She pretends to disbelieve this but he tells her he has proof.



        Marian pleads with Roy to let her fire the men quietly so her good name won't be ruined but he won't budge.



        As they speak, she quietly positions Roy so he is in line with the door where Ed is watching through the keyhole but Roy has been expecting this.



        When the door starts to open, he's ready for Ed and shoots him in the shoulder. Marian asks if he's dead and when she finds out he is alive and can implicate her, she realizes desperate measures must be taken.



        While Roy is examining Ed and his back is turned to her, she picks up her gun and shoots at him - but there are no bullets in the automatic. Now Roy is sure Marian has been mixed up in the whole rotten deal. But before he can do anything else, Marian's men open up on the house from outside.



        Marian takes this opportunity to grab her purse and coat and escape in her car. At the same time, the two Whittaker girls have disobeyed Gabby and are in their own vehicle on the way to the Hardy Ranch.



        Marian meets Gabby and his crew and tells them she was just coming for them, that the rustlers have Roy trapped.



        Just as Roy runs out of bullets, the Whittaker crew rides up and takes the Hardy crew captive.



        Roy and Gabby ride after Marian unaware that this is one fight that will be taken off their hands.



        Marian drives on and meets the Whittaker girls on the road. They wonder where she is going and decide to stop her.




        She manages to evade them for awhile but Sally is a determined driver.



        The Whittaker girls finally stop a desperately angry Marian by taking their vehicle across country and intercepting her.



        The three young women hurl insults at each other for awhile and then the Whittaker girls grab Marian and attempt to force her into their vehicle.



        Marian refuses to get into the vehicle and pushes Judy down. Now a real hair-pulling brannigan ensues with Sally egging Judy on.



        Finally, Judy lands a haymaker on Marian's right eye and the fight is over just as Roy, Gabby and the boys ride up. They are astonished to find the elegant Marian on the ground, subdued and sporting a black eye.




        As Roy puts his saddle away, Judy wonders aloud if he'll be going back to Cheyenne. He said it all depended. On what, Judy asked.



        Before Roy could answer, the crew walks in with their instruments singing "When a Cowboy Starts to Courtin'". As Red (Pat Brady) watches Roy and Judy, he gets carried away and kisses his bull fiddle as the show ends.




Professional Stills



Courtesy of Buddy Bryant



Courtesy of Fred Sopher


Private Collection



Courtesy of Fred Sopher



Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey

Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Bruce Hickey


Courtesy of Buddy Bryant





Press Kit (courtesy of Les Adams)