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The Mysterious Avenger

(aka "Outlaw Brands")

Columbia Pictures Corporation

Production dates: November 14-27, 1935

Release Date: 1936 01 17 

Running time: 55 minutes

Key book (production) number: 81





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Introduction: Another of the Charles Starrett westerns sold as "Peter B. Kyne Productions" that Peter B. Kyne had nothing to do with as either the producer or the writer beyond the use of his name by Columbia. Ford Beebe's "original" script had also been done before by other writers at Columbia for both a Buck Jones and a Bob Allen film. (Les Adams)


This is the second appearance in a Columbia Studios' (Charles Starrett) film by the Sons of the Pioneers. We have been unable to locate a print of the movie.



Charles Starrett as Ranny Maitland (Morgan)

Joan Perry as Alice Lockhart

Sons of the Pioneers

Wheeler Oakman as Brophy

Edward LeSaint as Lockhart

Lafe McKee as Maitland

Hal Price as the Sheriff

Jon Hall as Lafe Lockhart

George Chesebro as Foley (henchman)

Jack Carlyle as a Texas Rangers Captain

Edmund Cobb as the telegraph operator

Jack Rockwell as Horner

Dick Botiller as Gillman (henchman)

Robert McKenzie as Mr. Gates

Songs: (according to Laurence Zwisohn's cue cards)

1. Oh, I Miss You So, My Darling (Bob Nolan)

2. Eighth of January (traditional)

3. Wagon-tire Bill (traditional)

Plot Summary: Texas Ranger Ranny Maitland comes to Medicine Springs to solve the rustling mystery that is the cause of a feud between his cattleman father and neighboring rancher Lockhart. He arrives at the Lockhart ranch and introduces himself as Ranny Morgan. His father arrives and explains he has come to end the feud and, in response to Ranny's signal, he does not acknowledge him as his son. The elder Maitland is killed during a meeting with Lockhart and the sheriff arrests Lockhart, although Manny suspects Brophy, the Lockhart foreman. In jail, Lockhart tells Ranny he knows he is Maitland's son, and that his father had told him that both their herds were being rustled by a gang made up of cowpunchers from both ranches. Lafe, Lockhart's son, is implicated when it is discovered that the rustler's brand, a cross-in-a-box, is registered in his name. Ranny also discovers that cattle cars were ordered in Lafe's name at the Blockade Canyon siding for the next day, and is forced to arrest him. Ranny knows that the Lockharts are innocent and suggests to the sheriff that they be allowed to escape, and that will furnish them with an excuse to gather a posse without arousing the suspicions of the rustlers. But Brophy learns of the plan and he and his men kidnap the Lockharts from their hiding place at the sheriff's home. Alice discovers her father and brother are missing and tells Ranny and they both ride to the Blockade siding. (Les Adams)


Production and Publicity Stills


The Sons of the Pioneers with Joan Perry


Courtesy of Jan Scott


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Courtesy of Jan Scott


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Glass Slides




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Press Kit (Courtesy of Les Adams)