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Slightly Static


Release Date: 1935 09 07

Running time: 19 minutes (2 reels)

Key book (production) number:

Producer: Hal Roach

Director: William H. Terhune

Company: Hal Roach Studios Inc.





Plot Summary

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Intro to the movie:

This film's formula isn't that different from most of the Thelma Todd/Patsy Kelly shorts. Thelma is pretty but has little personality and Patsy is loud, brash and overbearing. The only major difference is that this time they get jobs at a radio station putting on a sappy radio program and this setting is even more dull than what you usually find in their films. The jokes, such as they are, aren't funny and just fall flat again and again. To make things worse, one of the singing groups (a trio) is among the most horrible I have ever seen and heard...and at least that helps the viewer to be distracted from how boorish Kelly is when she breaks into an intense tap dance routine (which she did three or four times during the film). Not the least bit entertaining despite being made by Hal Roach studios. This turkey is only for devoted fans of the comedy team. (Michael Elliott)


This wacky short was produced by the great Hal Roach Studios and stars Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly as two actresses who approach Radio Station LOCO looking for a job. Unbeknownst to them, one of the radio station sponsors has a son who fancies himself as a scriptwriter. He has developed a skit which he feels is memorable because it celebrates Spring, simplicity and the animals of the forest. He gives a brief preview of the material to the station manager and to the radio station personnel who regularly provide voices for spoken material in those days (the 1930s). The skit material is awful and is immediately rejected by the radio station manager. However, the father of the scriptwriter is there and he threatens to cancel his advertising program at the radio station if his son's script is not broadcast that day. The radio station manager reluctantly agrees to put the program on the air, but this triggers a walkout by all of the professional voice people. The lovely Thelma Todd and her companion Patsy Kelly are sitting in the lobby when they overhear the station manager's predicament, and they rise and persuade him they can do the jobs. He gives them a break and they go on the air without benefit of a rehearsal. The performance is in front of a live studio audience and the pratfalls and goofs are hilarious. Patsy Kelly reveals some fancy dancing footwork reminiscent of the best vaudeville tap dancers of the era. This short is a great one, highly recommended. (IMDb review)







Thelma Todd as Thelma

Patsy Kelly as Patsy

Harold Waldridge as Mr. Campbell's song, Elmer

Dell Henderson as Mr. Campbell

The Randall Sisters as the female vocal trio

The Sons of the Pioneers

Songs: (Z)

Oh, Monah! (Ted Weems / Country Washburne) sung by both the Randall Sisters and the Sons of the Pioneers.
Square Dance

Left My Gal in the Mountains sung by the Randall Sisters a capella


Plot Summary:


Courtesy of Les Adams


Production and Publicity Stills


Courtesy of Ed Phillips


"My grandmother, Ruth, is in the middle in the photo. On the left is her older sister Shirley and on the right is her older sister Bonnie. I am contacting a man who owns many of the old radio shows called "Pinto Pete & the Ranch Hands." Apparently the Sisters (first called Aaron Sisters, their actual last name, then the Randall Sisters) sang is dozens of these shows." (Jennifer Putnam)



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