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Bob Meets Bobbie


        Bob Nolan was married right after high school graduation in July of 1928 to Pearl Fields. In August of 1929 they had a daughter, Roberta. Because of the scarcity of work, Bob was forced to leave his little family in Texas with her parents while he searched for steady employment. The marriage, shaky from the start, collapsed just two years before the Sons of the Pioneers started making a name for themselves.

        Bob's wife, Pearl, remarried and refused to allow Bob access to his daughter. She would not let Bobbie read letters from him. When the Sons of the Pioneers were beginning to make real money, Bob offered to take his daughter to give her a better life but he was refused. He sent monthly cheques his daughter never saw. But Bobbie knew who her increasingly famous father was and kept a scrapbook of magazine and newspaper clippings, went to the movies in which he appeared, and even joined the Sons of the Pioneers Fan Club.        

        It wasn't until Bobbie was 15, in 1944, that her mother relented and let her to go to see Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers when they appeared in Oakland. Bob was finally able to meet with his daughter for the first time in 13 years. From then on, Bobbie spent several weeks a year with him and his second wife, P-Nuts.

        This photograph speaks volumes....


The Calin Coburn Collections 2004.


A page from Bobbie's scrapbook with a photo of her mother and a clipping of her father cut from a magazine article advertising Spoilers of the Range, 1938.

(Calin Coburn Collections 2004)


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