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The Beauty of Your Smile

(Bob Nolan)


There’s beauty in each little flow’r,

Each star of a midnight sky.

And there’s beauty in the lonely cloud

That floats so lazily by.

Each loveliness that nature holds

I’ve seen them all awhile,

But she has nothing to compare

To the beauty of your smile.



Many weary miles I roam

To the far off land I’ve known,

But I travel on in the beauty of your smile, dear.

Oh, my life was sometimes sad,

But you’ve made my poor heart glad

When you changed it all with the beauty of your smile, dear.

When they needed angels ‘way up there in heaven,
They came and took you, darlin’, to the sky.

Then they placed a silver star

Just to tell me where you are

And each night it shines with the beauty of your smile.


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"The Beauty of Your Smile" was published in "Songs of the Pioneers, Folio No. 2", Copyright 1936 by CROSS & WINGE, INC., but it was never commercially recorded. The Sons of the Pioneers did sing it on stage at least once, according to pencilled chord changes marked on the lyric sheet. We sent the sheet music to Dave Bourne and he kindly made a demo for us in 2001. The song was registered for copyright on July 4, 1936.


Bob Nolan stated that all his songs were from his imagination therefore we are not to think that his sweetheart in this song had died. Two more Nolan songs, “I Wonder if She Waits for Me Tonight” and “Oh, I Miss You So, My Darling” have the same theme.

"Songs of the Pioneers, Folio No. 2", Copyright 1936 by CROSS & WINGE, INC


Typed copy of the lyrics from the repertoire box.