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Cottage in the Clouds   

(Bob Nolan - Lloyd Perryman) 


Summer time has come, the lazy day’s begun

And the golden sun is gleaming.

In the clouds I’ve planned  to build a cottage grand

But, of course, I’m only dreaming.



Day dreams, spending the hours in far away dreams.

Up in the sky I found a stray dream—

Making believe I built a cottage in the clouds for you, dear.

All of my love goes with it, too, dear.

Heaven is waiting in the blue, dear,

There in the garden of my cottage in the clouds.


Some folks build such tall dreams  of castles shiny new.

This is such a small dream, why can’t it come true?


Just let the wind beside us

Blow us across the sky and guide us

Up to the open door and hide us,

There in the shelter of my cottage in the clouds


"House in the Clouds" by Kuroi-Raven


        Bob Nolan's and Lloyd Perryman's "Cottage in the Clouds" was used in The Colorado Trail in 1938 and the sheet music appeared in "Bob Nolan’s Folio of Original Cowboy Classics No. 1" © 1939 by AMERICAN MUSIC, INC". The song was registered for copyright on March 16, 1939 as part of the songbook. Lloyd Perryman had a hand in it, whether the idea was his or part of the melody, is not known now. Lloyd was responsible for arranging the songs and Bob often said that only Lloyd knew exactly how he wanted them performed.  In his introduction to the song on Teleways Transcription #90 this is how Bob described its origin:


     “A friend of mine has written a fantasy on the little imaginary people that live on the top of clouds. They’re just like fairies, he said, except they live in the air so they call themselves aires. Now, it’s the aires that make the clouds into funny-looking things that look like elephants and kittens and dogs just to amuse little boys and girls. That’s for children, of course, but for the grownups, I think the aires build things, too—build things like this—a cottage in the clouds.”


        The "aires", pronounced "air-ies", were pre-Columbian dwarf-like spirits or survivors of pagan rain gods. Some were malicious spirits but Bob’s "aires" were benevolent, of course.

        The song had been used on the Orthacoustic "Symphonies of the Sage" radio transcriptions, later on the Teleways Transcriptions and live on the Lucky U Ranch shows. The song was not commercially recorded until 1966 in "The Sons of the Pioneers Sing the Songs of Bob Nolan" (LPM/LSP 3554), an outstanding collection of Bob's songs.  Click on one of the selections below:


1938 Colorado Trail soundtrack

1940 Orthacoustic "Symphonies of the Sage"


1966 The Songs of Bob Nolan





"Bob Nolan’s Folio of Original Cowboy Classics No. 1" © 1939 by AMERICAN MUSIC, INC"



Orthacoustic "Symphonies of the Sage" (059251)

NBC Thesaurus 1926 Side A MS-059251-2-B (same as Orthacoustic #1 Side B)

Teleways Transcription: #90

Lucky U Programs courtesy of Larry Hopper:

    11 January 1952. Transcription Disc TR-188, 189
    15 May 1952. Transcription Disc TR-369, 370
    17 November 1952. Transcription Disc TR-565, 566