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¿Dónde está el mio?

(Bob Nolan / Bob Sherman / Bob Roberts  )


They say someday love comes to each of us.

A star that falls within the reach of us.

¿Dónde está el mio?

Where is mine, where is mine, where is mine?

If what they say is true, can it be wrong for me to ask to whom do I belong?

¿Dónde está el mio?

Where is mine, where is mine, where is mine?

Oh, star of love I know that you must be

Shining on my love as well as me.

Oh, star of love, too long we’ve been apart.

Guide him to my waiting heart.

And on the day my lover comes my way

I’ll know it’s him because I’ll hear him say,

“¿Dónde está el mio?

Where is mine, where is mine, where is mine?”


Calin Coburn (Bob Nolan's grandson) found these lead sheets among Bob’s effects. There were two sets of lead sheets and each had Bob’s name prominently with those of Bob Sherman and Bob Roberts. Robert and Richard Sherman worked for Walt Disney and wrote the music for many classic Disney movies. “Bob Roberts” is a pseudonym for Robert Silbert. (Robert Sherman, Jr. to EDM, Feb, 10, 2004)


The song was registered for copyright on September 27, 1956 and renewed on March 1, 1984. The only claimants are the Sherman brothers. The BMI site has no mention of Nolan. Why was his name dropped from this pretty piece? Was the original changed in some way and re-registered in Roberts and Sherman's name alone and published by Freddy Bienstock Music Co? In any case, Bob Nolan obviously had substantial input into the original composition. It was never recorded by the Sons of the Pioneers so we sent the lead sheets to Dave Bourne and he kindly made a demo for us.


Original rough lead sheet


Finished lead sheet, copyright 1956 Hill and Range Songs Inc.