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Echoes from the Hills

(Bob Nolan)


Sometimes I wonder why I had to roam.

Somehow, my thoughts are trav’lin’ way back home.

I miss the hills, the old folks

And my little sister, Lou.

I wonder if they miss me, too?



I’m a long way from home and that blue mountain dome

Still I hear the echoes from the hills.

And there’s sweet Lillie Belle, my little hillbilly gal,

Callin’ in the echoes from the hills.

When I left my pappy said, “Now don’t do nothin’ wrong.”

I recall my mammy sayin’, “Sonny, don’t be long,”

So I know that someday I’ll be wendin’ my way

Back among the echoes from the hills.


Sometimes, when twilight steals across the blue,

Someone is strolling down the path we knew.

From an echo in the hills,

A message comes to me.

I know it’s there that I should be.



The first commercial recording of this song by the Sons of the Pioneers was for Decca on October 9, 1935, but earlier that year the Pioneers had recorded it for the Standard Radio Transcriptions (from which they made very little money). The sheet music was first printed in "The Sons of the Pioneers Song Folio No. 1", Copyright 1936 by CROSS & WINGE INC. Bob dusted the song off in 1939 and the Pioneers sang it in Columbia's "The Thundering West", a Charles Starrett picture.


Click on any of the following links to see how the song remained much the same over 20 years:


1935 Standard Radio Transcription #2542

1935 Decca recording

1939 The Thundering West

1940 Orthacoustic "Symphonies of the Sage"

1950s Smokey the Bear transcriptions

1951 12 13 Lucky U


Chords courtesy of Carlos Fiorelli


TRANSCRIPTIONS with "Echoes from the Hills"


"The Sons of the Pioneers Song Folio No. 1", Copyright 1936 by CROSS & WINGE INC.


Chords courtesy of Carlos Fiorelli




Standard Radio Transcription #2542, 1935

Orthacoustic "Symphonies of the Sage" (064382)

NBC Thesaurus LPT 372 courtesy of Wallace Smith

Teleways Transcriptions: #89-134-214

Lucky U Programs courtesy of Larry Hopper:

    13 December 1951. Transcription Disc TR-143, 144
    14 December 1951. Transcription Disc TR-146, 147
    20 February 1952. Transcription Disc TR-248, 249
    17 April 1952. Transcription Disc TR-329, 330
    30 July 1952. Transcription Disc TR-455, 456
    29 October 1952. Transcription Disc TR-539, 540


Smokey the Bear 1955 Show #1