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For the Love of You

(Bob Nolan) 


Somewhere a lover waits for a lover.

Here waits a lover, too.

I wish you knew.

Springtime and flowers wait, for the showers

I for the love of you.


Somewhere a lover comes to a lover.

Come to me, lover, too.

Iíll be true.

Sing to me, lover, cling to me, lover, do.

I am the lover meant for the love of you.


I wish you knew.

For the love of you.



        One of the songs Bob had written during his retirement, "For the Love of You" was registered for copyright on September 26, 1956. We have found no sheet music for the song.

        It was recorded on February 24 1955 by the Sons of the Pioneers in the RCA Victor Studio, 1016 North Sycamore, Hollywood, California. The group was Bob Nolan [vocal], Lloyd Perryman [vocal], Ken Curtis [vocal], Karl Farr [guitar], Pat Brady [guitar], Hugh Farr [fiddle] + B.Dooley [guitar], Bobby Gibbons [guitar], Joe Maphis [banjo], R.Bundock [bass], R. Hansell [drums] and Bob Armstrong [piano].

      The 1940s Roy Rogers films had been cut to fit one-hour television programs in the 1950s and a new generation was being exposed to the Classic Sons of the Pioneers. They demanded records by this group, not the 1950s group. They wanted Bob Nolan and Tim Spencer in particular even though both Bob and Tim had retired in 1949. RCA Victor caused an internal problem with the Pioneers by insisting that the Classic Sons of the Pioneers be brought back under contract.  (The touring group naturally resented this and it took all of Lloyd Perryman's tact and persuasive powers to keep it from breaking up.) Tim's voice did not hold out and Ken Curtis was hired to take his place in the trio. Bob came out of retirement and recorded with the classic group until his last session on September 25, 1957. His voice never tired. It was strong and true until the day he died.



February 24 1955 RCA Victor