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Oh, I Miss You So, My Darling

(Bob Nolan)


I follow the pale white moon into the silent gloom,

Thru a prairie painted in silver and blue,

Somewhere the wasteland plain

Shelters a grave by a lane

Where youíve waited, Darling, Iíve come to you.



Oh, I miss you so, my darling

And Iím lonesome, too, you see.

Let me stay here beside you on the lone prairie.


Slowly the years pass by, lonesome and here am I

Waiting where you sleep by the side of the lane.

Iíve needed your tender smile,

Oh, for the longest while.

Little Pal, my heart can hardly bear this pain.


Youíve guided me thru each year, youíre everywhere and youíre here.

Your smile is in the heart of the wild desert flowír,

Your eyes are a-gleam in the dew.

Youíre there in each moonbeam, too,

But still I feel the pain of this parting hour.


Now donít you be lonesome, dear, Iím leaving the stars out here

To watch you till I come back when Springtime returns.

I wonít be gone very long.

Youíre part of my soul and my song.

Darling, canít you see why my poor heart yearns?




Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers recorded this song in September, 1935, for the Standard Radio Transcriptions but it was never commercially recorded. "Oh, I Miss You So, My Darling" was reportedly picked up for the Columbia / Charles Starrett film "Mysterious Avenger" but we have not viewed a copy to confirm that. The song was registered for copyright on March 16, 1936, and was included in the first Sons of the Pioneers songbook, "The Sons of the Pioneers Song Folio No. 1", 1936.



Standard Radio Transcriptions 1935


Chords courtesy of Carlos Fiorelli


"The Sons of the Pioneers Song Folio No. 1" 1936.



The typed sheet from the repertoire box.


Chords courtesy of Carlos Fiorelli