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Redwood Trees

(Bob Nolan)


Here in the hush of the redwood trees,

Here, where the ages pass,

Here, in the warm of the redwood trees,

Here, where there’s peace at last.

See how they raise their lofty heads

And see how they’ve learned to pray.

God must have stood where I’m standing now

And talked with the redwood tree

Like He talks with me.




Calin Coburn photo



        "Redwood Trees", one of Bob Nolan's later songs, was recorded by the Sons of the Pioneers for a 1956 Smokey the Bear radio transcription. “Bob’s interaction with Mother Nature... I’ll tell you, that man was as close in tune to nature as any individual I have ever come across in my whole life. He wrote a lot of songs for the Pioneers to perform in the ‘50s and ‘60s after he’d retired. In the 50s the Pioneers were doing a series for the National Forest Service – the Smokey the Bear series. Lloyd went to Bob and said, ‘I need a song about the redwood trees’ and this is what Bob came up with.” (Dick Goodman, November 15 1994)

        The Pioneers also featured it on their other radio programs and transcriptions such as the AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service) programs designed for the the fighting boys away from home. Many of these programs are still available on Old Time Radio sites.

        There is no sheet music, no commercial recording and no rough lyric sheets, just the radio transcription. Fortunately for us, a 4CD set of the Sons of the Pioneers' Smokey the Bear transcriptions is now available at times: ASOP050701 Copyright 2005 Audiophonic.



TRANSCRIPTIONS with "Redwood Trees"


Left and centre: Smokey the Bear transcription record

Right: 4-CD set of the Sons of the Pioneers "Smokey the Bear" radio series. Still available.




Smokey the Bear 1956: Show #3

                          1958: Show #5