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Song of the Rover

(Bob Nolan)


Iíve been away but thereíll come a day so, Darling, donít you cry.

Here comes your rover, coming home!

Packing my pack and back on track and straight as an arrow flies,

Here comes your rover, coming home!

Back to the open range and roping one little gal I knew.

Back to the waving sage and saving all my love for you.

Open the gate and stand there waiting, smile as I come by.

Here comes your rover, coming home!


Iíve got a yearning home fires burning, Darling, donít you cry.

Here comes your rover, coming home!

I see the light of your eyes so bright and I see a clear blue sky.

Here comes your rover coming home!

Out of a storm cloud into a warm cloud, timing each step to you.

Watching the rainbow down by the lane go climbing to heaven, too.

One little mile more save me a smile for, Darling, you know why--

Here comes your rover coming home!



        ďIím the kind of a guy that canít stay put in one place too long. Iím too much of a rover. The whole west is my home and I love every part of it. Of all the songs Iíve written to the west, I guess this one best describes me. Itís my own song. My theme song, kinda." (Bob Nolan, introducing his song on Teleways Transcription #92)
        Bob wrote this song for "Yellow Rose of Texas", a 1944 Roy Rogers-Dale Evans movie. Republic Pictures still holds the copyright on this song as it was a "song-for-hire". A song registered for copyright in 1944 would be eligible for termination in 2000. Songs written under a "song-for-hire" arrangement are not eligible for termination. They remain the property of the original owner. Bob thought little of the songs he wrote for the Roy Rogers movies but this one surprised him by becoming a favourite of his audience. There is no sheet music or any other recording.

        Ken Carson does the whistling.


1944 Yellow Rose of Texas soundtrack

1945 01 06 10-2-4 Radio transcription #465

1947c Teleways Transcription





TV cue sheet courtesy of Eric van Hamersveld




NBC Thesaurus 1965 Side A G7-MM-4672-B

10-2-4 Time

    #465 10-2-4 Time Show Date: 01/06/45 (37689-05)
    10-2-4 Time Show Date: 08/11/45 (02)
Teleways Transcriptions: #1-31-52-92-119-144-171-215