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Stray Wind

(Bob Nolan)


Thereís a stray wind blowing somewhere

From a land of far away

And I know heíll pass you someday,

Steal a kiss and be on his way.


Then heíll hurry off to find me

And heíll linger by my door

And, perchance, if fancy takes him,

Leave your kiss and be gone once more.


Itís a game heís been playing for ever so long.

Only he it would be who dares it

And heíll play it from now till eternity

Till with one and with all he shares it.


Heíll be coming back some blue day

And, if youíre still fancy free,

Just be ready when he passes.

Follow him, follow him to me


Sheet music: Bob Nolan Music Inc (May 28, 1954) with the Bob Ross Music identification number of "BN 109". This is one of Bob Nolan's post-Sons of the Pioneers' compositions with more emphasis on love and nature. Note that Bob always referred to the elements (land, sea, sky, moon, etc) as "he" because felt that God and Nature were one. Where it is common to speak of "Mother" Nature, Bob considered Nature to be masculine, as is God.


Demo tape by Bob Nolan

Dave Bourne


Chords courtesy of Carlos Fiorelli



"Stray Wind" in Bob's own handwriting

(Courtesy of the Roy Rogers Family Trust)



Reverse side of "Stray Wind" in Bob's own handwriting



Chords courtesy of Carlos Fiorelli