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This Ainít the Same Old Range  

(Bob Nolan)

The scenes have changed across the range since long ago.
Thereís miles of rails and crossroad trails that I donít know.
But now my days are numbered here and I donít care.
My old gangís waiting just beyond the rolling clouds up there.

This ainít the same old range.
Everything seems to change.
Where are the pals I used to ride with?
Gone to a land so strange.
This ainít the same old range.

Each night I see my old pals where the bright moon climbs,
Roundiní up the shooting stars that stray sometimes,
Then brand them right and tie them tight so they canít fall
To some far place in empty space and neíer be found at all.

ĎTwas just beyond that little knoll that Cody died.
I still can hear him calling to me, ďHowdy, Bill.Ē
And there he stands, a vision to my tired eyes.
He asks me if Iíd like to join the riders in the skies.



            "This ainít the Same Old Range", still a favorite with those who regret the passing of the western music era, was first used in the Starrett western, Cattle Raiders. Even today the song brings a sense of weariness and loss - loss of good friends, happier times, freedom Ė and is often used to close a program of western music. It was recorded by the Sons of the Pioneers for RCA Victor and for radio transcriptions.  The song has been recorded by other artists and perhaps Ken Curtis' rendition is the most plaintive of all. But the recording for RCA in 1957, the one you are listening to with Bob reciting the last two verses, is the most moving.

            The song was registered for copyright on February 16, 1938 and the sheet music was included in "Bob Nolanís Folio of Original Cowboy Classics No. 1", © 1939, AMERICAN MUSIC, INC.



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Orthacoustic "Symphonies of the Sage" 1940

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Chords courtesy of Carlos Fiorelli




"Bob Nolanís Folio of Original Cowboy Classics No. 1", © 1939, AMERICAN MUSIC, INC.


Chords courtesy of Carlos Fiorelli



Orthacoustic "Symphonies of the Sage" (064353)

10-2-4 Ranch #165  Show Date: 02/05/43 (01)

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Lucky U Program courtesy of Larry Hopper: 5 November 1951. Transcription Disc TR-71, 72