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Watching the Moon Roll By

(Bob Nolan)


The long day has faded deep in the west,

The stars take their place in the sky.

On soft feathered wings, the birds seek their nest

While I watch the moon roll by.



Evening comes.

A million stars will soon be lighting their way across the sky.

Here in the joy of their smile let me linger awhile,

Watching the moon roll by.


Lost on the trail, I roam but he will lead me home.


Thru the night, when all the world’s at rest,

I’ll travel along and ‘way up high, even the stars seem to know

Why I sing as I go, watching the moon roll by.




            Notice that Bob has used the masculine pronoun in reference to the wind, the sun and the sea? This song is a good illustration of his personal philosophy - God is Nature and Nature is God. Traditionally, we refer to Nature as being feminine. Not Bob Nolan. "Since God is masculine, it must follow that Nature is masculine, too."

            This was not the philosophy of an aged man who "studied the philosophers". The conviction was already well-entrenched while he was still in his twenties. Perhaps even earlier. He refers to the sun ("Travelin' with the Sun") and the moon ("Watching the Moon Roll By") as "he".   A quick perusal of his other lyrics referring to the elements will consistently turn up the masculine pronoun.

        This lovely, romantic song was never recorded by the Sons of the Pioneers or used in any of their films. We asked the multi-talented Dave Bourne to make a demo for us in 2001 in order to have an example for listeners. It is our sincere hope that current artists will record it. This is one of the many Bob Nolan songs not limited to one genre or to one style of singing. It has unlimited possibilities.

        It was registered for copyright on October 9, 1937, and was included in "Bob Nolan’s Folio of Cowboy Classics No. 2", © 1940 by AMERICAN MUSIC, INC.

Bob Nolan’s Folio of Cowboy Classics No. 2, © 1940 by AMERICAN MUSIC, INC.