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Cool Water & Tumbling Tumbleweeds

        Although Western music has faded into history, two of Bob Nolan's songs have crossed over into what is loosely known as "traditional" music. In other words, they will be around as long as Red River Valley or Home on the Range.

        Cool Water and Tumbling Tumbleweeds are Bob Nolan's best-known works, recognized internationally as American folk music. Even where Western music as a genre is unpopular and the composer is a mystery, the melodies of these two songs are familiar to millions of people because they have been recorded by so many artists.

        In response to popular demand, we have collected a wide variety of performances so you can listen to your favorites and enjoy new arrangements by different singers or orchestras. If you have others not on the list that you would like to see there, please contact us through the Feedback page. Or you can mail your recording to:


Elizabeth Drake McDonald

PO Box 857

Chase, BC, V0E 1M0, Canada


email: elizabethdrakemcdonald@gmail.com



        Please keep in mind that, because some of these recordings are very old or well-used and some are directly from 70-year-old movie soundtracks, the sound is not uniformly good - or bad!


We are greatly indebted to OJ Sikes (New Jersey), Roberto Costa (Brazil), Anne & Peter Greb (Germany), Michelle Sundin (Texas), Bob Serkey (NJ), Larry Hopper (NJ), John Fullerton (MO), Dan Vena and countless fans for sending us so many examples of Cool Water and Tumbling Tumbleweeds. Thanks, too, to all the artists who generously allowed us to use their recordings. A special thanks to OJ and Roberto for spending so many hours cleaning old tracks for us!

Cool Water Tumbling Tumbleweeds Medley